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The major issue with oral health these days is that most people either lack the appropriate insurance plan to make teeth whitening accessible, or they struggle to find an appointment that fits their hectic lifestyle. Many are simply too intimidated by the dental office itself.

A fresh approach to oral healthcare, Dazzle is an experience above all else. On its face, Dazzle offers cosmetic teeth whitening and oral healthcare referrals, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that we are redefining oral healthcare. Gone are the days of aseptic dentist offices and boring waiting rooms full of patients who dread seeing their dentists. Dazzle makes an initial connection through fun and social cosmetic teeth whitening but develops a relationship that will help guide people towards responsible oral healthcare habits and relationships with healthcare providers. Through our strategic partnership and investment from one of the largest dental insurance companies in the United States, we are able to foster strong relationships with our burgeoning client base by creating a fun and professional experience.