What is Dazzle Bar?

Dazzle is a teeth whitening experience which combines the clinical expertise and efficacy you expect from a dentist office with the fun, affordability and convenience you expect from a blow dry bar. At Dazzle, consumers will relax while a certified professional gently polishes to remove surface stains, treats bad breath and provides a guided whitening treatment, monitoring and treating for sensitivity, if needed. This 30—minute+ experience leaves customers feeling fresh and smiling starting at $60.

Can I get the whitening done if I have fillings / bondings / crowns / bridge?

Our most common question! We can absolutely service you if you have fillings, bondings, or a bridge, but unfortunately existing direct and indirect restorations will not lighten the treatment.

May I drink/eat after the whitening treatment?

We recommend waiting one hour before eating or drinking.

How long does the whitening last?

This varies from person to person. Unfortunately, all the best foods and drinks out there can cause staining after your service. Chocolate, wine, cherries, and most dark foods, drinks, and sauces fall into this category.

How often can I get the whitening treatment done?

We would love to see you every day. But to maximize the whitening effect, we recommend waiting one week before undergoing another whitening session. Let our Dazzle specialist recommend a whitening schedule specific to your needs.

Can I smoke after the whitening session?

Unfortunately, you will have to abstain ? If you wait at least 24 hours following your treatment, you can maximize your whitening results!

How many shades lighter will my teeth turn after the whitening treatment?

Your teeth will block out the sun. This may be our end goal, but alas, there are many factors that go into how many shades of difference you will see. Anything from genetics, diet, and pre-existing stains can effect the end results. We can however promise that our expert Dazzle specialists will do everything possible to give you that sparkling white smile.

Is the teeth whitening service the same as the dental office?

We use the same professional grade whitening procedure, although we cannot replicate the ridiculously long waiting times, awkwardness, or passive aggressive attitude of the dental office manager ?

Who performs the whitening service?

Although we experimented with having people off the street perform the service, we settled on licensed dental professionals.

Will the whitening gel turn all of my teeth the same color?

This is our main goal, unfortunately it is common for teeth to have different color gradients which may effect the results from tooth to tooth.

Am I a good candidate for the whitening service?

If you’ve reached this page, I’m willing to bet that you are the perfect candidate for the whitening service. We do however recommend that pregnant women and lactating mothers hold off on whitening, but we hope to see them right after!

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